About Vianvi Signature® Cabinet Refacing for Kitchens & Bathrooms Across America

Cabinet refacingVianvi Signature® Cabinet Refacing is the product of many years of hard work, innovation, product excellence, and exemplary customer service. In 1983, Vinny Nardo founded Reborn Cabinets in sunny Anaheim, California. Today, Reborn Cabinets is regarded as one of the finest full-service kitchen and bath remodeling contractors in the country, and is a winner of many top national awards. More than 20,000 satisfied clients thank Reborn for their now vibrant kitchens and bathrooms.

During its tenure, the core of Reborn’s business – cabinet refacing – has developed such a reputation for its outstanding beauty and quality that it was only natural to offer the product on a national level. Homeowners and home improvement companies alike have been thrilled to learn that Reborn’s cabinet refacing products and processes have expanded beyond the confines of southern California and are spreading across the nation with the launch of Vianvi Signature® Cabinet Refacing.

Now it’s your turn to experience firsthand what southern California homeowners have been raving about for years – cabinet refacing that can make kitchens and bathrooms look like new in a fraction of the time, and cost much less than the price of new cabinetry. Our ultimate goal is for homeowners across the nation to be able to experience the Vianvi Signature® Cabinet Refacing difference and provide new life to those old cabinets.

Vianvi Signature® Cabinet Refacing Dealers Nationwide

We are proud to offer our product to homeowners throughout the United States through our Vianvi Signature® Cabinet Refacing Dealer Program. We are seeking out home improvement contractors from across the country to become certified Vianvi Signature® Cabinet Refacing dealers who will provide homeowners throughout the United States with only the finest cabinet refacing products and services available. In addition, thanks to Vianvi Signature® Cabinet Refacing, our dealers reap the benefits of having another fine service to offer to their customer base.

Contact us to learn about how to become a Vianvi Signature® Cabinet Refacing dealer, or for more information about how bathroom cabinet and kitchen refacing is an effective and affordable way to upgrade the most important rooms in your home.